Our Team

Wendy Imashev, Director and Travel Companion

Wendy is the founder of Seamless Support Services and Good Companions.

She likes to travel between the UK and Australia frequently and enjoys acting as a personal tour guide to her friends and clients, helping them to enjoy some interesting history wherever they go. 

Wendy was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration two years ago, which has motivated her to help other people in similar situations.

She set up Good Companions as she believes that with support and the right person to travel with, anyone can overcome their travel anxieties.

Wendy’s interests include walking, observing natural flora and fauna, water sports, travelling, good food and the arts. Most of all Wendy enjoys helping others and spending time with family and friends in the UK and overseas.


Rosalyn Bowles, Support Worker and Travel Companion

Rosalyn is a talented health care worker and one of our travel companions.

She is another lady who likes to explore the world, and frequently travels between the UK and Australia. Her adventurous spirit and passion for helping people makes her the ideal travel companion.

Roslyn’s interests include music, movies, yoga, running, travel, fine dining and socialising with friends.


Rosie Freedman, Psychologist and Travel Companion

Rosie is a psychologist specialising in health.

With her wealth of support experience and people skills she is the ideal person to be one of our travel companions. 

Rosie's understanding and compassionate nature encourages everyone she works with to feel relaxed around her.

Rosie enjoys reading, walking, movies, theatre and good food.


Michelle Stannard, IT Support and Travel Companion

Michelle is our IT and web support and is always on hand to advise on any of our web related problems, and update our marketing materials.

She loves to swim and worked as a leisure pool lifeguard for three years, which makes her the perfect cruising travel companion.

Michelle likes to hike, watch films, go to gigs and run her online magazine, The Alt Entertainer in her spare time.